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Maps, graphs and charts visually display your data revealing variability, causes, patterns and relationships relating to your turf. Interactive map layers provide context and detail to quickly identify variation across your site. This allows you to make informed decisions and measure the quality of turf over time. Maps can be viewed in real-time on smartphones, tablets or desktops and shared with relevant stakeholders.

The digital maps contain the layout of your site, topography, drainage, irrigation and site audits. Any historical paper maps can be given a new lease of life with the GIS capabilities we offer. These are based on high quality aerial photography acquired using a UAV provides up to date mapping.

There are two ways which you will receive the data. Firstly an interactive digital map which will allow you to click and identify the measurements of your sports turf, view what management regimes have taken place and catalogue important information about your site. Secondly, a pincard or pitch report display. This will breakdown your areas of turf into a manageable chunks allowing you to see where efforts need to be focused. Overtime you will develop your own GIS database this management tool will easily identify seasonal and reoccurring variation within your turf.

  • Before-Real-Time UAV/NDVI Comparison
    After-Real-Time UAV/NDVI Comparison
    Before Real-Time UAV/NDVI Comparison After