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Precision turf management (PTM) is the ability to capture timely and relevant objective data relating to your turf. This is currently achieved using a number of sensors ranging from moisture probes, penetrometers, weather stations to digital cameras. Intelligent Turf offers turf professionals the opportunity to capture their own, real- time objective data relating to turf quality. We achieve this by combining the technologies of optical sensing and GPS whilst the turf is being mown. This a process called ‘Mow & Sense’.

We specialise in remote, real-time monitoring of turf quality. We achieve this by adding a Turf-eye optical sensor, a GPS receiver and a data collector to your existing mower. This creates a powerful and fully automated mobile data collection platform.  Mow & Sense allows you to collect approximately 18 objective data points per m², equating to over 8,500 points per green or over 140,000 points for a football pitch. The analysed data will be made available to view within the hour. We also enable turf professionals to capture additional geo-referenced objective data such as soil moisture and turf firmess using third party sensors.

We capture data through our own and other third party remote and proximal sensors including:

  • UAV’s to capture great aerial imagery at 3-5cm resolution
  • TurfEye™ optical sensor to objectively measure turf quality and vigour
  • FieldScout TDR 300 moisture probe
  • FieldScout TruFirm
  • Clegg impact hammer
  • FieldScout SC 900 Meter
  • Field Scout pH meters

Aerial Imagery
Intelligent Turf acquires its own aerial imagery using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology. The high resolution imagery provides the background map used in our digitise process. The benefits of using UAV imagery include up-to-date high resolution images. This can identify changes that have taken place on your facility over time including  seasonal variation of growth, flooding or drought.

Below is a comparison of a Goole image versus an Intelligent Turf image of a green complex at Myerscough College. The Intelligent Turf image is of a much higher quality (3-5cm resolution) compared to the Google image (30cm resolution).

  • Before-1st Green Google/UAV Comparison
    After-1st Green Google/UAV Comparison
    Before 1st Green Google/UAV Comparison After