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Q. How does Intelligent Turf measure turf health?
A. Turf health measurement is based on the optical reflectance of turf. Our sensors measure the plant reflectance from three bands; red (R), red-edge (RE) and near infra-red (NIR). Healthy turf shows low reflectance in the red band and high reflectance in the near-infra red band, with stressed turf showing the opposite; higher reflectance in the red and lower reflectance in the near infra-red.

Q. How does Intelligent Turf know the location of the turf vigour or stress on a golf green or pitch?
A. Your sensor data and location data are logged 10 times per second using a GPS receiver. We collect approximately 18 data points per square metre. The GPS receiver is accurate to within 2cm, meaning we can map each turf vigour or stress point to this level accuracy.

Q. What is NDVI?
A. NDVI stands for normalised difference vegetation index, with the following formula; (NIR-R)/(NIR+R). It is a vegetative index that is used for computing the quality of the turf. The index ranges from 0 to 1 and is measured to 3 decimal points.

Q. What is the difference between remote sensing and proximal sensing?
A. Remote sensing is a term defined as identifying characteristics of an object without coming into contact with the object. Intelligent Turf’s TurfEye™ optical sensor is an example of a remote sensor. Proximal sensors refer to sensors that make contact with the ground, such as a TDR moisture probe which must be inserted into the ground.

Q. What time of day can the sensor be used?
A. Our sensors have their own active light source and can be used any time of the day or night.

Q. Does the real-time sensor monitoring system identify a particular type of stress?
A. Turf stress can be caused by a number of conditions (moisture, nutrient, disease etc.). Our system identifies stress, not the specific cause(s) of the stress. Multiple stresses may also be present on a turf surface.

Q. How is the service of remote and proximal service going to be offered?
A. The service will be offered in two ways; as a one off visit to your facility to measure the quality of the turf at a particular time. This enables turf managers to look at any variability within and between greens or pitches. We also offer a subscription service where we can monitor your turf on a daily basis, or as required. This allows turf managers to observe the temporal and spatial nature of their turf over the year.

Q. What if I need technical support?
A. Intelligent Turf provides you with free access to our technical support team. The team install and configure your system. They are knowledgeable, extremely informative and will help you with any technical queries.