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Intelligent Turf is a small team of professionals based at Myerscough College Rural Business Centre, near Preston, UK. We have developed a unique turf monitoring system that incorporates GPS, remote sensing and a geographical information system (GIS) to allow turf professionals to objectively mow, map and monitor the health of their turf on a regular basis. With expertise in a number of areas including turf management and GIS analysis we have worked alongside a number of partners to create an objective, user friendly way of capturing and displaying turf information.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Is this true and if so, why? Pictures concisely convey information about positions, sizes and relationships between objects. At Intelligent Turf we create digital images to communicate information relating to your site. This can range from a digital map of your facility based upon high quality aerial imagery through to optical sensing of your golf greens or football pitches that you captured whilst mowing. The flexibility and range of what we map is determined by you. This could include irrigation and, drainage layouts, CAD drawings, shade patterns, moisture, firmness or turf quality. These maps catalogue historical and real-time information of your facility.

We offer the opportunity to objectively measure turf quality through optical sensors and GPS fitted to mowing equipment, effectively creating a mobile data collector allowing you to Mow & Sense.

We uniquely offer the opportunity to objectively measure turf quality in real-time through the practice of precision turf management (PTM). Using optical sensors and GPS fitted to mowing equipment we have effectively created a mobile data collection system known as Mow & Sense. This system allows you to capture turf quality as you mow, with over 8,500 objective data points per golf green or 140,000 points for a football pitch.

The data captured is analysed by us. We will perform various spatial analysis and quality control techniques to visualise your information. Following this you will receive digital maps, charts and graphs which will provide you with a detailed spatial and temporal insight in your turf quality. The analysed data can quickly reveal patterns instead of isolated points and relationships between features that otherwise seem independent. The imagery is especially powerful as it enables you to monitor change over time and help  determine site-specific inputs of nutrients, water, plant protectants and various forms of cultivation. It is also a great resource for communicating your turf practices with relevant stakeholders.

By facilitating real-time monitoring of turf surfaces and measuring turf quality we believe we provide innovative solution for turf managers to improve the playing performance of their turf facilities and business.