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Launch of a new era: The objective way to measure and monitor turf health

Posted on: January 28th, 2014 by Owen Mullen

After seven months of research, development and refinement Intelligent Turf is now ready to be thrust into the limelight! The website has gone live, the initial research and development stage is coming to a close so it’s about time we launched.

Intelligent Turf, is an independent company based in the Rural Business Centre in the grounds of Myerscough College, Preston, Lancashire. Owen, Alex and Laura make up the team. After being recruited by Owen from Lancaster University we started off the journey with a set of paper maps, a UAV aerial image of the Myerscough Golf Course and one computer. We have already outgrown the office, relocated into a bigger office next door which houses more computers and plenty of digital maps.

We took an idea, some hardware and software to create a system that allows turf professionals to gather their own objective information relating to the quality of their turf. A system we call ‘mow and sense’. The remotely sensed data is collected as you mow, we’ll analyse your information and deliver it daily to help monitor turf. Keep your eyes peeled as we release our findings from research and show how management practices can display some interesting results!

Delving deeper than just turf health/vigour we look at environmental factors which affect turf. Variables such as moisture, firmness and nutrient levels can be tracked overtime using proximal sensors. The compilation of these can be used to identify relationship of soil conditions with turf vigour at your sports facility.

You will be able to survey and map your site using our app. These interactive digital maps of your site audit will allow you keep up-to-date with management practises across your site. We have the capability to digitize any existing paper maps should you wish to archive your site.

We plan on updating this blog weekly with our whereabouts, thoughts, interesting articles, and the general development of the business. Naturally there will be plenty of maps and images!